Global Delivery Model

A delivery model so evolved and matured – you can say it’s World Class

Highly evolved, Matured Global Delivery Model powered with world class infrastructure and control framework

Pennant has a highly evolved Global Delivery Model built over the years. It effectively leverages the mature process excellence framework and Service Delivery Excellence Framework ensuring excellent quality and scalability.

Smart Shore Model
This combines the unique advantages of on-site and off-shore methodologies and empowers its clients with resources equipped with world class domain knowledge and the latest technological expertise.
The Pennant Global Development Centre environment
This has been built with substantial investments in physical and technological infrastructure, creating a world class facility. The facility ensures sufficient capacity to sustain our growing business needs and provide delivery of high quality solutions to our clients.
Critical Success Factors:
World class and scalable infrastructure
Well built control environment
Innovation culture that promotes productivity and communication
Sophisticate hardware and software support
Best industry practices