Advanced infrastructure in place – we are augmented and always ready

World class infrastructure to meet evolving needs of Pennant

Pennant truly understands the requirement of having world class setup to effectively support the Global Delivery Capabilities.

Robust Infrastructure
Pennant GDC features an array of advanced workstations, powerful network systems, multiple online servers, smart communications systems, enhanced conference halls, CBT and video learning facilities. Pennant has invested in the best with an option to augment our infrastructure rapidly if the situation demands it.
Latest Technological Support
The GDC has the latest enterprise class IBM System I series and IBM x Series servers with Linux and Microsoft operating systems for our development teams. In addition, we have Linux based servers for our intranet based project management system and knowledge management systems.
Pennant Infrastructure Features
High bandwidth internet connectivity
Multiple fallback links
Tele / Video conferencing equipment
Firewall to establish seamless connectivity
Improved client collaboration