Pennant upgrades pennApps Lending Factory with enhanced digital capabilities

By September 24, 2021 No Comments

pennApps Lending Factory (PLF) 6.0: Exciting new features


pennapps Lending Factory (PLF) is a highly scalable single platform based lending system for all the needs of a bank’s or financial services organisation’s lending or loan products across different lines of business (LoBs) including Home loans, Term loans, Corporate loans, etc. The platform currently provides digital customer on-boarding tools and comprehensive Loan Origination and Loan Management capabilities among others that truly accelerate your digital transformation. We are doing a major version upgrade of the platform – PLF 6.0 – with enhancements that will offer new capabilities and improved performance to enhance your customer outcomes and maximise ROI for your business.


The major technology and core functionality upgrades to the PLF 6.0 can significantly enhance the performance of the lending system. Some of these improvements include:

  • Performance improvements across multiple components including the end of day and end of month cycles
  • Upgraded the technology components to their latest versions, with latest security updates incorporated
  • Incorporated the latest security updates across all layers of the application
  • Improved mechanism for scheduled jobs and batch processing
  • Microservices approach towards APIs with containerised models
  • Improved configurations for accounting
  • Multiple enhancements to improve and extend product features.

Owing to a host of factors including interdependence of the financial services ecosystem, banks and financial institutions are seeing increasing number of security breaches and cyber-attacks. During such times, the immediate focus and priority is on risk mitigation and protection of assets and customer data. Our focus while building the PLF 6.0 was on enabling our clients to be future ready by integrating improved security capabilities within the product that are responsive to evolving threats.

It’s time for you to go for an upgrade. Let your business capitalise on pennApps Lending Factory 6.0’s powerful features and latest technology upgrades to deliver impactful outcomes to your customers and your business!

Make the most of PLF 6.0! Reach out to us for more information on how you can make the new enhancements work for your business.

Some of the upcoming new product launches and enhancements to our existing product portfolio in the coming months include Chatbots, Ocen Bridge for PLF, AA Integrations and Video KYC. These new products/enhancements will further strengthen our banking and financial services clients’ ability to deliver improved customer engagement, differentiated customer experience and greater operational flexibility.