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Business Continuity is increasingly gaining the importance at strategic level and becoming an integral part of good corporate governance. However, quite often, these business continuity management (BCM) plans are outdated in no time as they are not updated reflecting the current business availability needs. Establishing an enterprise wide BCM plan management strategy assisted by automation can only ensure that the established continuity capability, current, viable and available during a crisis.

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pennApps BCM is comprehensive and forward-thinking web based solution effectively cover the gamut of technology, business processes and people assets.

pennApps Business Continuity Management


pennApps BCM solution enables you to capture all the assets that includes the processes, infrastructure and people across the organisational locations and maps the dependencies using its process modelling tool at the granular level to define, establish and continue to maintain the required continuity capability.

This solution effectively utilises the asset dependency information enabling you to plan for any disruption scenario positioning you as incident ready organisation. The planning toolbox enables you to configure the continuity considerations as per your organisational needs. This ensures the planning process in line with your organisational setup and structure.

BCM Governance

  • Organisational configuration
  • BCM Policy formulation
  • BCM Teams
  • BCM Framework Items

Planning Toolbox

  • Process modelling tool
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Determining continuity strategies

BCM Planning

  • Organisational Unit plans
  • Support plans
  • Incident Management plans
  • Emergency Response plans

BCMS Management

  • Frequency based reminders
  • Full audit trail
  • Workflow based plan management
  • Program Audit
  • Exercise planning

Virtual Command Centre

  • What if Analysis
  • Continuity Plan Activation
  • Online Notification
  • Real Time status updates


  • Organisational BCM Health check
  • BCM Policy compliance status
  • Process criticality classification
  • Many more..

Product Highlights

Effective business continuity solution should enable the organisation to address any consequence scenario that may impact any of the organisational assets and provide all the required information that is required for effective response at one place with real-time updates.

360 Degree Process Overview

Ability to capture complete information of all processes including people, equipment, systems and premises along with the dependency details through its process modeling provides complete view of all business operations by unit, by criticality and by location or any combination of the above.

Unmatched Flexibility and Adaptability

Effective Continuity planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Unlimited flexibility allows organisations to customise each part of the solution using the configuration features adapting to their business needs or unique situations. Extensive usage of the relational database linking all the organisational assets enables the retrieval of the right information to take the right decisions at the right time.

Manage Incidents Online

The virtual command centre enables the decision makers to quickly understand the impact on the organisation with complete information of impacted location or assets. Activation of the plans automatically initiates the notification defined for such disruption and assigns the tasks to the predefined response teams of the organisation. In addition, it tracks the progress of the response, recovery and restoration phases from anywhere including the mobile.

Built on International Standards

pennApps BCM fully aligned to the BS25999-2:2007 standard enables you to define the business continuity management system and adopt all the phases of the planning lifecycle as per the standard. The Management & Review module offers the complete support to manage the established Business Continuity Manage System in compliance with the standard.