Digital Platform and Application Engineering Services

Envision. Develop. Transform. Know more

Digital Platform and Application Engineering Services

Envision. Develop. Transform. Know more


of our projects from inception are in transactional processing


of the transactions are financial and time sensitive in nature


of transactions are going through cloud infrastructure

The banking and financial services industry is going through a paradigm shift in the way their customers are engaging, transacting and experiencing their services. For financial institutions, digital transformation of the application and platform environment is a mission-critical requirement for delivering superior services and experiences. The need is for a partner who can bring in strong industry expertise and technology leadership to envision, design, modernise and transform your IT environment.

As an agile, innovative fintech company, with a singular focus on the banking and financial services industry, we leverage our deep expertise across the financial services domain and extensive experience to support our customers’ digital platform and application engineering needs.

Our digital engineering services

Application/platform management and roadmap

Study, create and strategise application/platform roadmap aligned with your business goals and strategy.

Application/platform architecture & development

End-to-end aspects of developing platforms and applications – design, prototype development and engineering.

Application/platform modernisation

Redesign, modernise and migrate your existing platforms and applications to cutting-edge technologies.

Application/platform portfolio rationalisation

Optimise your application/platform landscape to replace redundancy with a lean and seamless environment.

Application/platform engineering

Develop new custom applications and related ecosystems on digital technologies leveraging our solution accelerators and frameworks.

Application/platform management & support

Use our strong expertise in DevOps, Agile, cloud and quality engineering to manage and run your IT environment efficiently and ensure 24/7 availability.

System integration

Our deep knowledge and expertise across IBM, AWS, Microsoft Azure and other technologies helps you build adaptable systems that are future ready.

Why Pennant Technologies

Singular focus

Strong understanding and expertise of the banking and financial services industry workflow and processes.

Extensive experience across the banking spectrum

250+ projects across all areas of banking. Majority of the deliverables are strategically important to banks.

Rich heritage of building future-ready products and solutions

More than 15 years legacy of building fintech products that are being used by leading global financial institutions.

Strong portfolio of software engineering assets

Repository of solution accelerators, pre-built frameworks and tools that enable development of next-generation applications/platforms.