How to Re-imagine your
Direct Debit Offering?

Define the right propositions and deploy a future-ready solution with Pennant. Know more

How to Re-imagine your
Direct Debit Offering?

Define the right propositions and deploy a future-ready solution with Pennant. Know more

pennApps Direct Debit

The world of payments has come a long way from cash to digital. Frictionless user experience is at the core of this paradigm shift. Crossing the chasm from physical to digital would require banks and financial institutions to invest in technologies that would enable them to enter the new digital ecosystem and unlock value.

pennApps Direct Debit is a modular, flexible and feature packed solution that empowers financial institutions to maximise their operational efficiencies and deliver superior customer experiences through better control of the overall direct debit life cycle. It fully addresses all the requirements of the originators, sponsoring banks and paying banks and is fully compliant with the Central Bank Direct Debit regulations.


Registrations & mandate management

  • Define Flexible Products for Bank Needs
  • Configure Product Rules
  • Define Controls for Management
  • Define Eligibility Questions
  • Define Unique Product Selling Points

Direct debit processing

  • Prospect Customer Data Capture
  • Duplication Checks
  • Workflow Based Approvals
  • Integration to CIF or Central Systems


  • System Lead Generation
  • Product Based Eligibility Checks
  • File Uploads for Bulk Lead Generation
  • Campaign Leads Management
  • Workflow Based Lead Management
  • Manage Complete Lead Life Cycle

Why pennApps Direct Debit

Boost operational and risk control

Fully automated direct debit process, from sign up to processing and accounting, including the exception handling eases the administrative and operational process.

Deliver better customer experiences

Extends the direct debit to all your service delivery channels offering customers the ability to monitor and control.

Enable seamless financial operations

Built-in interfaces, in-line with various standard core banking environments, with effective exception management enables you to manage the accounting efficiently and effectively.

Faster communication

Fully featured notification manager enables you to define the events, notification templates and the triggers for the same. Automated notification using the notification templates based on the events and triggers offers you the flexibility and control to deliver information to all the stakeholders.

Harness the power of your existing technology assests

Integrates seamlessly with virtually any flat-file or XML-based system or even more sophisticated messaging platforms covering IBM MQ Broker, TIBCO or Java Messaging Service.