Enterprise Application Integration…

Simplifying connecting systems – from complexity to clarity.


Streamlining the Complexity of Connecting Systems, Delivering Clarity from complexity…

Trends toward globalisation, 24X7 operations, e-business, supply-chain integration, and consolidation through mergers and acquisitions present enormous challenges for today’s organisation. Rapidly integrating applications across an enterprise is becoming more and more imperative to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. We have seen considerable portion of IT budgets being spent on integrating applications: bridging heterogeneous computing environments, connecting new development and existing legacy applications, as well as linking internal and external resources.

Our Enterprise Application Integration focuses on:

Analysis and Strategy services

to assist you in determining the effective strategy with optimum efforts and costs to achieve your business objectives, with lower development costs and project risks through greater software reuse.

Business-to-business functionality

as Web Services to provide additional benefits. Simplifying end-to-end process automation to provide additional value chain economies.

Accessing the Business services

and business rules as services to enable the clients to Implement new processes more quickly.

Respond with greater speed

to business or regulatory demands, keeps costs to a minimum and powers imaginative new ways to address the needs of end-users more effectively.


Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Integration services delivers an end-to-end solution that addresses the four critical elements of business operations: ever changing business needs; people; process and IT. Pennant employs a comprehensive approach to Enterprise Application Integration that enables companies to rapidly integrate heterogeneous systems and successfully combine new solutions with existing applications, transforming the suite of applications into a single, seamless business system.

Pennant’s Enterprise Application Services division provides a structured information processing and delivery framework that has helped leading global organisations breakdown information barriers across the enterprise. Services designed to help you integrate complex, disparate systems to create a flexible, cost-effective information flow across the departments seamlessly.
Our specialists work with our clients to develop, implement and maintain systems that will support and enhance their overall business strategy. Pennant is assisting the businesses in realising the potential of enterprise applications by enabling the seamless communication across application portfolio.

Our professionals work closely with the Client’s team to identify and define the systems that must be connected, the information that must be exchanged, and the procedures that will be automated in order to improve organisational efficiency. With significant experience gained over a many years in delivering large-scale, complex, cutting-edge SOA based Enterprise Application integration solutions, Pennant acquired the competency and equipped with a large pool of resources to use the most appropriate Service Orient Architecture (SOA) tools and techniques so as to deliver suite of Enterprise Application Integration service covering:

  • Selection of appropriate SOA Platform and Implementation
  • End-to-End Application Integration Services
  • Custom Connector/Adapter Development and Support
  • Managed Services for Development and Production Support Services
  • Migration, Upgrade Support & Ongoing Maintenance


Enterprise Application Integration

Deep domain expertise coupled with its technological expertise backed with the insights of typical banking application landscape where the advanced applications to co-exist with legacy applications enabled Pennant to become leader in the Enterprise Application Integration area.

Pennant offers Application Integration Services on varied technologies that include leading EAI tools such as IBM MQ Broker to other custom bespoke integration solution using Open standards and frameworks. Pennant’s Enterprise Application Integration services use one or combination of many of the below tools and technologies:

Platform Agnostic Middleware Framework

Connectivity Layer

Processing Layer

Message Formats

Key Differentiators

At Pennant, we provide the key differentiator, which is the depth of knowledge required to address the complexities of integrating a variety of technologies and disparate applications, which are an integral part of any large organization.
Pennant helps businesses become flexible through the creation, integration, reuses and governance of new and existing solutions.

The resulting solutions are designed for operational efficiency, security and performance. At Pennant, Enterprise Application Integration is not just about integrating new solutions, but includes getting the most out of legacy applications to prolong returns from existing IT investment while achieving your business objectives.