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Comprehensive End to End Islamic Finance Platform grounded up to honor the principles you value and empowering you to  offer the Services in shari’ah way


Globalisation has ushered in a new era for banking institutions to raise the bar from ‘Customer Satisfaction’ to ‘Customer Delight’. This is even more for Islamic Banking, for they need to adhere to, and be consistent with the principles of Islamic Law – Sharia, yet be innovate and deliver Sharia compliant services and products continuously.

pennApps Finance Factory is a fully grounded up solution to effectively manage the Islamic Finance Product Portfolio covering Finance origination, Finance Management/Servicing activities that supports the widest possibility of Islamic products that covers Musharakah, Mudarabah, Murabaha, Musawamah, Tawarruq, Salam, Istisna, Wakala and Ijarah across retail, SME and Corporate (Government, FI, Medium Businesses, Large companies) segments. in addition, its high parameterization capabilities that results in greater process efficiency, end-to-end automation, better risk mitigation and supports rapid roll out of Shariah-compliant products.


pennApps Finance Factory :

pennApps Finance Factory (PFF) is built on Pennant’s next-generation Application Framework (PAF) with a unique concept of functional factories and business process driven execution engines to deliver the required modularity, flexibility and componentization and offers the scalability to accommodate the introduction of new lines of business and new product development cost effectively and in minimal time.

Functional factories are independent application modules powered by the rule builders and query builders offering high-level of flexibility to clients to define multitude of products, eligibility checks, scoring models, deduce rules, fee and charges, accounting sets as per business and regulatory/compliance requirements.

Novel concept of business process driven execution engines with multitude of functional factories at its disposal allows you to define, deploy and manage the business processes without any dependence on vendor or internal technology teams. Business users can set up processes across channels, users, departments and products without IT support and with the requisite controls and history tracking to safely implement changes.


PFF’s highly flexible business process editor enables clients to define the business processes mapping appropriate functional factory component at the required stage of the workflow. Execution engines ensure the execution of the defined functional factory component at each stage of the workflow to achieve the required result.

Product Definition

  • Define flexible products for bank needs
  • Flexible Eligibility Checks
  • Configure Pricing and Rates
  • Define Controls for management

Comprehensive Rules

  • Innovative Configurable Business Rules
  • Flexible Eligibility Checks

Flexible Accounting

  • Configurable Accounting
  • Formula based Accounting Entries
  • Event based postings to Accounts


  • Multi Channel Servicing
  • SOA Based Integration
  • Wide Range Notification

Total Risk Control

  • Rules Based Scoring
  • Credit Bureau Integration Feasibility
  • Configurable Dedupe Fields
  • Black Listing and Negative Checking

Flexible Reports

  • Dashboards
  • Drilldown Reports
  • Alerts and Escalations
  • Documented Data model

Customer Acquisition

  • Easy Customer Data Capture
  • Duplication Checks
  • Workflow based Approvals
  • What If Calculations
  • Customer Documents Generation
  • Dashboard for monitoring TAT

Intelligent Finance Management

  • Retail and Corporate Type Finances
  • Fixed, Floating and Term Finances
  • Complete Life Cycle Management
  • Multiple Disbursements
  • Easy Profit Rate Management
  • System Driven Settlements
  • Transparent Profit Calculation
  • Customer Driven Billing Cycles
  • Daily Accrual
  • Flexible Rule based Fee Management
  • Penalty Management
  • Delinquency Management

Product Highlights

Business Process Driven Execution Engines

Novel concept of business process driven execution engines with multitude of functional factories at its disposal allows you to define, deploy and manage the business processes without any dependence on vendor.

Accelerate Time to Market – Product Packaging

Offer Innovative Products with true time-to-market advantage: Finance factory enables you to offer innovative and customised products to meet market demands.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Business process centricity enables you to define, review and improve your process by reconfiguring the workflows as and when desired.

Comprehensive Reporting & Dashboards

Various management or operational reports and interactive dashboards assists you in monitoring the turnaround statistics of all the stages of finance servicing.

Complete Automation

End-to-end Business process automation right from data capture to credit processing, approval to disbursal with built-in validations including functionalities like dedupe and blacklist.

Improved Risk Management and Risk Assessment

Know your Customer and portfolio: Define additional customer details as functional factories and link these to the business process at the required stage of the finance processing.

Policy Checks: PFF enables you to define multiple policies with minimum/ mandatory/ exceptions/ review gateways in various PFF factories and plug-in to workflow process as per your requirements.

Configurable Finance Management

Fee, Charges and Accounting: Accounting for various finance servicing events are fully configurable as per your internal and regulatory requirement with no limit to the accounting options.

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pennApps Finance Factory

Comprehensive and modular Islamic Finance Solution grounded up to address unique challenges of Shari’a compliance and Islamic Banking Requirements

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