Power Up Your Payment Transformation

Deliver payments propositions for the digital world. Know more

Power Up Your Payment Transformation

Deliver payments propositions for the digital world. Know more

This is the age of the digital economy. The payments ecosystem is seeing fundamental shifts in the way transactions happen. For banks and financial institutions, payments technology is mission-critical for their existence, survival and success. The need is for a right-fit, flexible product that integrates the existing infrastructure to proactively meet the market demands.

pennApps Host Integrator is a highly scalable and adaptable solution that handles multiple back-end core banking systems with different ATM/POS controllers and has an unmatched flexibility to easily configure the financial accounting, commission and fee parameters as per the banks’ requirements.

Modular architecture simplifies customisation, configuration and monitoring


Communication Component

Primarily handles the messaging aspects using IBM MQ or TCP Sockets for better processing speed.


Accounting Engine

A highly flexible component that enables banks to configure accounting entries including exchange commission, charges among others.


Data Parser Component

Modular component that handles message transformation either to ISO8583 based message or custom message formats as required by the bank.


User Exits

Add-on feature assists banks to add custom processing rules and validations as per business requirements.


Transactions Processing

  • Direct Debits
  • Holds (Base 1 Processing)
  • Transaction Settlement
  • Expired Transactions
  • Fee Management
  • Exchange Rates Management
  • Reversals Management


  • IS08583 Support
  • TCP/IP or MQ Based
  • User Exits

Why pennApps Host Integrator

Enhanced operational efficiency

Extensive parameterisation built into the Host Integrator’s system greatly adds to the operational efficiencies of banks.

Faster time-to-market

Unparalleled flexibility in defining new offers enables you to effectively take advantage of the evolving market dynamics and opportunities.
Configurable accounting engine enables you to quickly offer specialised offers based on their requirements.

Increased cost savings

Host Integrator enables banks to leverage existing infrastructure and in the long term lead to increased cost savings.


Flexible and resilient architecture enables Host Integrator to meet the ever increasing volumes of transactions.

Meeting changing regulations effectively

The integrator’s compliance with ISO 8583 messaging structure gives banks the ease of successfully implementing the application with minimal customisations.

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