Join Pennant’s
Partner Program


Join Pennant’s
Partner Program


Our Partnership Philosophy

“Pennant has always believed in and practiced on having win-win arrangement with all its stakeholders. This approach fully aligns with our corporate philosophy of transparency, trust and collaboration in all our endeavours. We are excited about the tremendous growth opportunity that lies ahead and how partnering with Pennant can lead to greater value-creation for your clients, expanded opportunities for growth and speed to increased revenues.”

- Ganesh R,
SVP, Business Development,
Pennant Technologies

Why partnering with Pennant will be a win-win situation?

Innovative, market-leading technology platform

- Lending Factory has won numerous global awards and client recognitions

Immense opportunity for growth

- The Lending market is one of the fastest growing segments within the financial services industry

Higher ROI from the partner program

- Lower investments in the program
- Faster revenue growth

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