Differentiate. Lead

With pennApps Lending Factory, you can innovate and deliver distinctive, market leading lending services for your customers. Know more

Differentiate. Lead

With pennApps Lending Factory, you can innovate and deliver distinctive, market leading lending services for your customers. Know more

Your modern, end-to-end, cloud-ready Lending Platform

A recent global survey among banking consumers found that 36% of consumers would prefer moving to a competing financial institution if they offered better digital tools, simpler buying process and more convenience. For a financial institution, it is imperative to have a robust, scalable and adaptable lending system that acquires, engages and services customers by delivering differentiated experiences.

Lending Factory is a next-gen, end-to-end lending platform that is designed to help you consolidate and operate your entire lending portfolio, launch new and innovative offers quickly, drive efficient operations and deliver distinctive experiences to your customers.

Loan Origination

Loan Management


Digital Enablers

Personal Loans

Housing Loans

Auto Loans

Consumer Durable Loans

Gold Loans

Fintech Loans


Other Loans

Business & SME Loans

Commercial Loans

Supply Chain Funding

Empowers innovation through modularity, flexibility and componentisation

pennApps Lending Factory leverages the unique concept of functional factories and business process driven execution engines. This enables lego-blocks-like functionality for banks and financial institutions to define, deploy and manage the business processes without any dependency on vendor or internal technology teams. Business users can now define processes, users, departments and products with minimal technical expertise leveraging the built-in controls and history tracking capability to quickly adapt to market opportunities and challenges like launching a novel product/offer or quickly adapting the system to regulatory and compliance needs.

Drive digital transformation of your organisation with increased pace.

One Solution for Multiple Loan Products

Single Platform based solution for all your lending products across the business lines.

Accelerates Speed to Market

High level of product configurability enables innovation and faster launch of new products/offers.

Delivers Distinctive Customer Experience

Repository of APIs across the loan life cycle extends products and services to deliver omni-channel experiences.

Improves Operational Efficiency

Enterprise class workflow and best in class BPM capabilities enhance operational flexibility, transparency and efficiency.

Robust Risk Management and Assessment Capabilities

Flexible product functionality helps meet the internal compliance or risk management requirements effectively.

Highly configurable product across business lines.

Digital Customer Onboarding

Functionalities for onboarding new customers including dedupe rule-based checks, KYC information capture, etc.

Flexible and Configurable Rule Based Accounting

You can define the accounting sets for each of the accounting events at various stages of the loan process and execution.

Vast API Portfolio

Over 150 APIs for external/internal integrations.

Self-service Modules

Supports various modules including customer self-digital journey, agent assisted journey, chatbot assisted journey, accessing the loan specific details via digital portal, etc.

Digital Automation

Enables faster loan processing, credit decisions.

Cloud Native

Supports containerisation, dockers, etc.

Best-in-class Security

Strong security and administration features manage application security, user security, data security, and operational security.

Agreements & Contracts

Define numerous document templates and link them to events/triggers for auto generation and communicate to customers using built-in notification feature.

What-if Simulation Capabilities

Your customers can explore various what-if scenarios including selecting the right-fit EMI and repayment schedules.

Diverse Payment Options

Repayments engine enables manual repayment, automatic installment recovery, PDC, mandate based repayment options.

Accruals & Amortisation

System supports multiple accrual and amortisation mechanisms - both discounting and reducing methods.

Function with improved operational efficiency.


On Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid)

Software as a Service (SaaS) lending model

Plethora of advanced products to help you perform better.

Interface with various analytics, AI-powered and ML systems to identify complex patterns for risk analysis, cross sell, etc.

Integrations with internal and external systems including third-party companies like CIBIL, NeSL, etc.

Integrations with third party risk rule engines to fetch data to perform a conscious credit underwriting.

Supports various global accounting standards, regulatory requirements.

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Industry & analyst recognition

Recognised as a Major Contender in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Consumer Loan Origination Systems.

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