Industry experts – People who are passionate and focused

The Management Team at Pennant brings to the table a solid technology background coupled with business acumen and domain knowledge to ensure that every technology challenge can be analysed critically, and a cutting-edge solution that is simple, lucid, cost-effective, and relevant is delivered.

At Pennant, we believe that people matter. Our customers are satisfied and sometimes even amazed at the service they receive. Our people are happy, enthusiastic, and proactive in partnering with every client to find a business solution that works. Over the years we have conceptualised, designed and strategised a variety of business and revenue models to fit different situations in institutions and companies of any size.

The people at Pennant are professional in their approach but never forget to add a personal touch when they are designing products or delivering services to customers. With our emphasis on quality initiatives and operational excellence, Pennant has become a trusted partner to many clients in the BFSI sector worldwide.

With functional and technology experts from all sections of banking who have in-depth domain knowledge, we take a personal interest in your problems, and the clarity of our solutions is enhanced by the judicious use of cutting-edge technology to deliver and implement a solution that is cost-effective and has the optimal fit.

We focus on client satisfaction and long-term business relationships to help organisations grow and prosper.