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Comprehensive software engineering service – better products matching your needs.


Comprehensive suite of Software Product Engineering services covering Complete Product Life Cycle Management.

Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) are navigating through a perfect storm of market forces due to the culmination of Rapidly evolving technologies, ever increasing end user expectations and the fierce competition from the new entrants. The increasing pace of innovation has in turn shortened the life cycle of software products and ISVs realised that innovation, agility and adaptability are more critical than ever before to stay competitive, remain profitable and be at the top of the curve.

In order to address their challenges effectively that too within the limited time, ISVs are increasingly looking out for strategic partners who can share and execute the long term strategic vision of their products.
Pennant with its deep domain expertise and excellent understanding of the technology powered by the matured process framework positioned itself to deliver the right value and to execute the product long term strategic vision right at the first time. Pennant’s software product engineering offerings help you constantly innovate, launch new products, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at reduced costs.


Pennant offers the suite of product engineering services covering the complete lifecycle of software product.

Product Development

Pennant collaborates with customers in each step of the product engineering life cycle to translate the product vision into tangible designs that are scalable and adaptable to constantly changing technologies.
Pennant effectively collaborates with ISVs and be an extension of their product teams to deliver complete product life cycle solutions. Pennant offers the competencies and capabilities of the complete software product development life cycle activities including conceptualisation, design, architecting product, building (coding) the product as per design, verifying and validating the product to ensure that everything works as planned and designed.

Product Maintenance & Customer Support

Pennant with years of experience in services and solutions are fully understands the imperative on ISV’s to offer the right support at the right time to their customer base.
We at pennant, ensure that your clients have the valued post implementation support, we provide product maintenance services. In addition, we offer the varied levels of support services to their customers based on the requirements effectively leveraging the matured service delivery model and established process framework.
In addition, we support product improvements and additional features based on the market demand or even specific client implementations.

Product Migration & Software Porting

Pennant truly understands the criticality of the product to adapt to the ever changing market conditions and positioned itself to renovate existing products by enhancing technical capabilities such as security, usability, scalability, performance, availability and maintainability. We at Pennant have the prior experience in migrating products to newer technology platforms, re-architecting and reengineering the design.
Pennant takes the ownership of entire process of product migration to the next generation technologies with future proof architecture.


Product Engineering

Pennant possesses extensive expertise in conceptualising, architecting and building custom software products and offers the complete product life cycle management activities. Pennant proved its mettle in product engineering services by delivering a key product component to the leading ISV for their core banking product.

Pennant’s product engineering practice can use one or many of the below tools and technologies:

Presentation Layer

Development Plaforms

Database Systems

Operating Systems

Some of the Pennant’s Product Engineering practice Key Differentiators include:
  • Process Excellence
    Matured and continually evolving process framework compliant with CMMI Maturity Level 3 and ISO9001:2008 standard
  • Access to highly trained and experienced technical resources
  • Proven software product engineering experience
    Proven solution architecting, development and delivery of successful products to fortune 500 customers
  • Faster product development time accelerating time-to-market
  • End-to-end product partnership

Pennant with years of experience offers end-to-end product partnership capabilities in the following phases:

Product development
  • Flexible engagement models
    Offers highly flexible and matured engagement models with collaboration to provide scale, optimised cost and minimal timelines to accelerate time-to-market
  • Global reach through proven Global Delivery Model (GDM)
    Global Delivery Model evolved over the years ensuring consistent, seamless, scalable, timely and high-quality delivery of services across the globe