Recon Art

Comprehensive banking reconciliation product – innovative and best-in-class.

Pennant partnered with Recon Art to offer the comprehensive Reconciliation Product to the regional banking and financial sector.

In our endeavour to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Pennant continuously identifies innovative and best in class partner products to complement our own product and services. We jointly work with partners for necessary training and support on their products in the identified markets. It is a continuous journey at Pennant to seek out such alliances with global players to offer products and services that are unique in nature and meet the customer requirements and are complementary to Pennant’s offerings.

Recon Art is 100% web developed total reconciliation life cycle solution addresses the entire reconciliation life cycle within a single integrated solution. It handles data import and enrichment including out-of-box support for BAI2 and SWIFT data files, high volume transaction matching, exception and case management, general ledger attestation and account certification, reporting, archiving and support for related compliance activities.
With one enterprise-wide reconciliation solution, Recon Art’s clients across all industries do not have to spend time and money training and supporting staff to use multiple systems and processes. All reconciliation activities are catered for in a single, latest generation, web-developed and deployed framework.

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