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Delivering accelerated time to market, exceptional customer experiences and improved operational efficiencies. Know more

Industry Leading, Next-generation Fintech Products and Solutions

Delivering accelerated time to market, exceptional customer experiences and improved operational efficiencies. Know more

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Leveraging an in-depth understanding and extensive experience on the workings of the banking and financial services industry and strong technology leadership, Pennant has developed strong thought leadership and insights on how technology can enable banks and financial institutions to differentiate their service, enhance customer experience, drive competitive advantage and strong growth.

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A platform based end-to-end solution supporting widest possible range of loan based products (personal, vehicle, commercial, mortgage etc.) across business lines (retail, SME and corporate). The product offers a unique concept of functional factories and business process driven execution engines to deliver the required modularity, flexibility and componentisation.

pennApps Lending Factory is a single solution that can accommodate various loan types. Due to business process centricity conforming to BPMN version 2.0 standards, our clients can define and rapidly deploy integration with third party systems or core processing systems at different stages of the business process as per the organizational requirement.

- Highly scalable single platform suite
- High degree of configurability
- Componentisation
- Automation with complete end-to-end control

A unified technology platform that would cater to consolidating all lending products under a single roof would offer an excellent value proposition to the industry as it eliminates nuances of managing multiple systems and subsequently offers complete visibility across the lending portfolio.

We support different kinds of hardware including Intel, IBM Power or other servers, including Physical or Virtual or Cloud servers.

pennApps Lending Factory is open to run on different databases like standard editions of Oracle or SQL server. The product can also use open source database likes PostgreSQL to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Lending Factory is open to run on open source servers like Tomcat and JBOSS or commercial servers like WebSphere.

All the required tools like workflow/DMS etc., are part of core product license and no other software licenses are required.

The platform supports Windows and open source operating systems like CentOS or proven server operating systems like Red Hat and AIX.

Lending Factory Platform offers different modules including Loan Originations module (LOS), Loan Management module (LMS), Collections & Recovery module and other Digital Enablers such as Customer Portal, Lead Generation, Cross Sell, Chatbot, etc., as part of the overall platform.

Although the modules are integrated on a single platform, we offer individual modules as a standalone solution as well which can be integrated with the pre-existing systems at the Bank/NBFC.

We develop our products with readiness and focus on future proof architecture that is aligned perfectly to ensure that the product integrates effectively with the existing infrastructure as well as adapts to new technology advancements. Our product is technology agnostic and is able to integrate with diverse type of OS, databases, servers and third party applications.

The lending factory supports loans for Personal, Housing, Auto, Consumer Durables, Gold, Education and offers BNPL capabilities as well. It also offers complete end-to-end support for businesses with capabilities for SME loans, Commercials loans and Supply Chain funding.

The platform has the facility to support a wide variety of currencies for various geographies.

The platform’s workflow rule engine and the functional factory concept really enables clients to reconfigure the product to streamline their operations. Customers can configure risk rules based on their requirement and this extends to configuring any kind of dedupe checks or notification rules as well.

Lending Factory takes into account the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds and offers solution in a wide range of languages.

Rule engine can be configured as and when required by the customer depending on the requirements.

The solution provides accounting templates that are fully configurable and the platform also has multiple predefined templates that are in-built.

The number one benefit of DevSecOps is code quality along with security, which is seen as a shared responsibility and for the same we have adopted a Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) model, and CI/CD is a two-step process that streamlines code development and delivery using automation and it also incorporates security at critical stages. CI makes tasks like source code integration and version handling highly efficient so the solution can enter the production sooner. Continuous Delivery (CD) automates product testing and deployment.

For a bare boned version it may take anywhere between 3 to 4 months depending on the requirements and the operating environment.

We offer typical deployment wherein the server is localised and on premises, typically using Oracle/SQL server clusters. We also leverage cloud/open source technologies wherein the solution is deployed on cloud storage.

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