Value Proposition

Focused at driving customer value – the ideology at Pennant’s core

PENNANT is clear that its focus will always be the benefit to the client in every situation. Keeping this in mind, we add value to every business process we undertake, with the ultimate aim of giving our clients the right-fit solution that offers an excellent value proposition that includes:

Improved Operational Efficiency

Our experience enables us to evaluate new technologies from a practical perspective and focus on key features. We then use our business acumen to evaluate how we can make this technology work for you. By keeping the solution lucid and the implementation efficient, we ensure that you reap the full benefit of technological advancements and improved operational efficiency.

Ability to manage change

Most clients find the rapid pace of change in business today something of a challenge. By being flexible, responsive, and really listening to what you are asking for, we help you manage this process of change comfortably and smoothly. We deliver proven technology so that you can manage change effectively, maximise the return you get from the technology, and deliver on your commitment to customers, employees, and suppliers.

Reduced TCO

A reduction in TCO for a client tells us that we’re doing our job right. Using our highly evolved global delivery model that is designed to deliver cost effective business solutions right from conceptualisation to implementation, we streamline systems and processes so that you save time and money, and optimise your operations. This results in a reduced TCO!

Alignment with Business strategies

We ensure that our business and technology solutions stay real and relevant to your specific needs. Our products and services are customised to fit your particular requirements, and we study your cultural and business practices to ensure that they are reflected in the solutions we implement.