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Ajman bank goes live with pennApps Interactive Communications Manager (ICM) in shortest possible time..

By May 7, 2013 No Comments

07 May 2013, Hyderabad: Pennant Technologies announced the smooth and successful soft-launch of pennApps Interactive Communication Manager at Ajman Bank in a record time of less than one month.

The successful soft-launch of pennApps Interactive Communication Manager (ICM) within twenty five calendar days demonstrates the high-level of flexibility and the adaptability that is built in to the system.

The next generation framework of the processing platform that is agnostic to the platform, database and devise/browser enables the bank to quickly select and setup the technological platforms of their choice and the high-level of configurability enables the respective teams to shorten the setup, customization and implementation timelines where most of the bank specific requirements are achieved with simple configuration.

Ajman Bank, a leading Islamic Bank of UAE awarded the project to pennant the soft-launch of pennApps ICM within a calendar month is truly a significant achievement for both the Bank and Pennant. Ajman Bank is a long standing customer of Pennant where Pennant delivered variety of integration solutions during the last few years and the continued relationship enabled pennant to have the insights of the application landscape and this added to the quick and smooth soft-launch of the system.

“It is the excellent support received from both the business and technical teams including the mandate from management due to which we have achieved this significant milestone. We value Ajman Bank as we share long standing relationship with Ajman Bank and we are striving to take our partnership to the next level and with this we have moved a step further – Rama Krishna Raju, CEO”

He further added “Pennant always believes in the criticality of accelerating the time-to-market for the Banks and positioned itself to accelerate the implementation by offering the highly flexible processing platform and leveraging its matured process framework that is compliant with CMMI Level 3 and ISO9001:2008.”

The successful soft-launch of pennApps ICM at Ajman within a calendar month is mostly attributed to the richness of the system in terms of right-fit functionality and flexibility and the expertise of the teams associated to this project.

About Ajman Bank:
Ajman Bank is a young, agile Islamic commercial bank built on the values of integrity, trust and transparency. The bank provides a wide range of value-driven banking services in the UAE for individual, business and government clients, all in compliance with Shari`ah principles. Ajman Bank seeks out the market’s best products, people and technology in order to deliver what customers want, how they want it, delivering real value and recreating that human touch lost in modern banking.

Headquartered in Ajman and strongly supported by its government, Ajman Bank is the keystone of the emirate’s economic development strategy and is in a position to benefit from its growth and potential like no other. Ajman Bank is committed to becoming a sustainable organisation in its truest sense, balancing care for the community and employees with the business of delivering value to its shareholders and customers.

About Pennant:
Pennant Technologies, dynamic and innovative software solutions and services company offers comprehensive suite of end-to-end business driven technology services and products covering all the functional areas of BFSI vertical. Pennant’s pennApps product suite offers the right-fit and next generation products that address the unique requirements of banking.

Pennant empowers its customers to effectively address their business challenges with its deep domain expertise backed with excellent insights of local market dynamics and leveraging the latest technology advancements.

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