Rediscover Your Customer

Improve Cross selling. Increase revenue streams Know more

Rediscover Your Customer

Improve Cross selling. Increase revenue streams Know more

Emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning along with omnichannel platforms are opening up immense opportunities for banks and financial institutions to optimize their operations for cross-selling and upselling. In a recent Gartner study, cross-sell and upsell were considered among the top three priorities for product marketing teams across industries.

pennApps Cross-sell empowers financial institutions to define business rules to identify, consolidate and aggregate their customers with cross-sell potential. Further, it supports them to package products based on the specific needs of their customers.


Increase Sales

  • Identify high value customers
  • Provide visibility into customer portfolio
  • Provide customized offers based on client profiles
  • Efficiently search and track the leads

Achieve Operational Efficiencies

  • Streamline customer information processing- Prospects on-boarding
  • Track customer interaction and diarize customer follow up

Improve Risk Management and Risk Assessment

  • Offer a single view of customer credit and related account data
  • Apply rules based on customer track records like return cheques, overdue
  • Dashboards for Management tracking and decision making

Features & Functionalities

Define flexible products for bank needs

Configure Products Rules

Define controls for management

Define eligibility questions

Prospect customer data capture

Duplication checks

Workflow based approvals

Integration to CIF or central systems

System lead generation

Product based eligibility checks

File uploads for bulk lead generation

Campaign leads management

Workflow based lead management

Manage complete lead lifecycle

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