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pennApps Lending Factory on IBM Z and LinuxONE

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Advancing the journey with IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z, Pennant’s Lending Factory – a Single Platform based Digital Lending System – is now available on IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z


The banking and financial services industry is experiencing a tectonic shift in digital transformation, primarily led by ground-breaking paradigms such as the emergence of FinTechs, rapid technology advancements, and the evolution of expectations of digital consumers. To succeed, financial institutions will need to align with the new digital paradigm and deliver differentiated customer experiences at scale and speed. They need to leverage their existing investments to find ways to reinvent themselves by modernizing their applications, data, and processes.

To help organisations accelerate transformation and modernize their digital lending operations, Pennant is pleased to partner with IBM Z and LinuxONE to expand the business outcomes from the comprehensive and highly customizable Lending Factory platform. Learn more about modernizing application, data, and processes in your IBM Z environment at the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center.

Today’s consumers are expecting financial institutions to deliver a borrowing experience that would be conscious of their time, omni-channel engagement, flexibility in loan options and quicker loan approval and disbursal process. According to the Digital Banking Report June 2021, 62% of the respondents indicated low digital lending maturity. This reality is reflecting in many financial institutions putting up aggressive plans for modernizing their capabilities, operations and business model.

pennApps Lending Factory on IBM Z AND LinuxONE   Environment

As enterprises accelerate their journey towards digital transformation, IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE  provide  Pennant’s Lending Factory platform with various functionalities such as better and flexible computing power, scalability and inflight data encryption to the data making the lending platform future ready.

Unlock Value, Drive Growth

  • Accelerate speed to market. Lending Factory’s high level of product configurability coupled with IBM Z AND LinuxONE’s capability to leverage core business applications, data, and underlying processes, enables financial institutions to accelerate their time to market by quickly launching the products as per market dynamics.
  •  Improve operational efficiency. Business process centricity enables the client to reconfigure workflows, effectively utilize numerous functional factories, and execution to streamline operations for efficiency, flexibility and transparency. This functionality is further enhanced by IBM Z AND LinuxONE’s  resilient, scalable, and compliant platform that supports workload isolation using Secure Execution for Linux and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) for faster diagnostics and operational recovery.
  • Enhance risk management and assessment. The product’s functionalities help the client, to meet the internal compliance or risk management requirements and define multiple policies with minimum / mandatory/ exceptions / review, have a resilient risk management process and capabilities.
  • Strengthen security. With the rise in cyberattacks and incidents, it is imperative to have a fail-safe lending operations via a secure and highly encrypted environment. Lending factory utilizes IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE’s built-in security at all layers to help deliver end-to end protection, maintaining your customers’ trust–wherever the data resides (In Flight and at rest).
  • Future proof architecture. Lending Factory on IBM LinuxONE unlocks the synergy and provides the customer a solution which is highly scalable, data-serving and offers the ability to run on the same platform where the data resides and reduce latency.

Lending Factory on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE offering is focused on helping you deliver your key business imperatives mainly improving your customer experience by extending products and services to the digital delivery channels, innovate and differentiate your product offerings with faster time-to-market and enhance your operational efficiencies.


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